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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can it enhanced Security in the laptop or tablet devices in transit?.


I do not know.  So many people, at least in the Americas and Europe, are carrying with them a smartphone rather than a laptop or tablet.  Even with a tablet, so many of them fit into the persons briefcase (which is usually protected by a lock) that the need for bags is sort of dying out of use.

But, even if the bag is used how would a lock prevent seizure?  For one who illegaly steals a unit in the bag it is no great effort to disable the locks and retrieve the unit inside.

Of greater interest to device owners is content security.  The increase in hackers and ID theft is of much greater concern than is physical security, I think.

Therefore, I see little value in adding a mechanical lock to a computer bag.

That being said, there are many bags on the market that do have locking mechanisms.  Less with bags that are for computer only.  Briefcases which hold personal items AND computer are more likely to have a locking mechanism.  

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