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Electrical Engineering/Mechanical combination Lock for Automobiles.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to fix mechanical combination Lock to the front door of the driver's seat in the four Wheelers vehicle viz cars, jeeps, trucks, buses etc?.

Do you feel that it can add Security to the four Wheeler vehicle from thefts?.


Yes, it is possible from an engineering point of view to add mechanical combination locks.

In fact there were many luxury automobiles during the 1990s and early 2000s that had electronic button combination locks built into the drivers door that worked much like a mechanical lock but were more electronic.  They did not last due to more advanced locking systems.

Now days most cars have electronic systems built around the key fob that has built in an encrypted transmission system that allows unlocking from a short distance by merely pushing the button on the key fob.  Some key fobs have other functionality such as emergency siren, open of back lift and opening certain doors.

The convenience of the electronic key fob system is so much desired by owners and drivers that the possible acceptance of mechanical combination locks have virtually no chance of being accepted in the market place, sorry to say.  

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