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Dear Prof Cleggsan


Can we use Factorials for various computations viz Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication,Division and indices ?.

Addition = 3! + 2!

Subtraction = 3! - 2!

Multiplication = 3! * 2!

Division = 3! / 2!

Exponential / Indices = 3! raised to a power of 2!

Other than the above computations, can we use Factorials in Matrices, Determinants, logarithms, Antilogarithms, Coordinate Geometry etc.

Matrices = 2*2 matrix = 3!,2!,5!,6!
Determinants = 3!,2!,5!,6!
Logarithms = log(10!), log(20!) etc
Antilogarithms = Antilog(1!) etc
Coordinate geometry = plot this points in the Graph paper viz
A(3!,2!), B(4!,-5!),C(-7!,-8!),D(6!,-3!)
Trigonometry = Sin(5!), Cos(4!), Tan(2!), Sec(3!), Cosec(6!), Cot(7!)


Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Of course there are simple answers to your many questions but I want you to send this question to a math or other technical experts in the proper area or field of interest.

I am an electrical engineer and I prefer not getting questions in unrelated fields.


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