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Dear Prof Cleggsan  

Can there be possible Rail travel routes by building Tunnels, Bridges etc from India to other asian countries ?.  

Can we extend Indian Railways travel connectivity to other Asia pacific region countries ?.   Examples : India - Japan, India - China, India - Australia, India - Philippines, India - Singapore, India - Thailand etc ?.   

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

It is a marketing question.  Alternate forms of travel may be water/ocean or air.  Seems air travel is very safe, even though we have had some tragic results of late, but still it is the safest form of travel in the world today.

Connecting countries separated by large bodies of water require some unusual engineering solutions for rail.  One visionary has propose underwater train service.

And so on.  There are lots of ideas for such technology but nothing practical yet - that I know of.


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