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Electrical Engineering/Applications of Wireless Lavalier / Lapel Microphones in corporates.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can there be business benefits to use Wireless Lavalier / Lapel Microphones by strategic stakeholders in corporate environments for Team communications with employees on day to day basis ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I can't envision how it would be employed for benefit.

If the work group or team were each hard of hearing or if they were separated in ways that they could not hear the others then an electronic communication system would benefit the team works.  For example, military groups use communication devices to keep the fighting team together and informed of movements in their bivouac area.

In sports the coaches and advisors communicate electronically among each other during games, practice and scrimmages.  But, I don't know for certain what electronic devices they use.

In a business environment it is likely that stock trader teams and commodities traders need constant communications that may utilize electronic communicating devices.

Hope this helps your ideas move along.  

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