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   I need little bit guidance/counselling for working for my future in electronics industry. I am B.Tech in Biomedical engineering, presently working as electronics engineer. Have 6 months experience in converting small THT circuit boards in SMT circuit boards by proteus EDA software. Apart from that I have 6 months training experience in embedded system in which I learned programming and working on PIC microcontroller. I had done many small electronic projects from PIC and have used most of the modules of PIC with MicroC compiler.

This was the brief introduction of my skills, i can send you my resume if you want better understanding of my skills (for that you can send me your email).  I want to open my own manufacturing company in electronic application area (means using analog & digital electronics for making electronic applications) for that i want to know what technical knowledge and skills i need in me to improve. I don't want to work on VLSI IC fabrication and IT software field, only want to go on application area. Working and programming on Microprocessors is also required but don't have experience and guidance to work on them.

So i want to know Name of softwares i need to download and become expert on them for all above requirements and what specific THINGS i need to work on to become a good electronic products manufacturer. Please also tell the tools and machines the application companies require and use in the industry so that i also try to get knowledge to work on them.

I hope answering these wont waste your much time. i don't want to waste your time, but please help me. I will be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thankful to you for your guidance.  Thank you very much in advance. :)

ANSWER: Thanks for your question and your confidence in my ability to help you.

However, your inquiry is most suited to go to the attention of those working in this level and general area of software and hardware integration and interface.

Therefore, I am going to introduce you to my colleague and friends at Epigon Media Technologies.  I think they may be helpful for you.  Please inform them you were referred to them by colleague Cleggsan at Nippon Columbia, Akasaka, Tokyo and ADI, Norwood, Mass, USA.  They will know who it is.

Epigon is located in Bangalore, India, south but not so near to you in the north!  Here are their connection links:

Please contact Mr. JK or Mr. Reddy at:

Epigon Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
424, Ground Floor, 6th Cross,4th C Main,
OMBR Layout,Banasawadi,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560043
Phone: +91-80-4011 4800
Fax: +91-80-4011 4880
E-Mail :

I think they will help you deeply with your questions about career development as a favor to me and to you.  

Let me know your progress.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you veryyy much for your response. I am pleased by you kindness. I will sure contact Mr.JK and Mr.Reddy thanks to you. Can you give their email id to me I will ask the same question to them by your reference, which I asked you. It will be better to ask in email these type of question otherwise it will feel awkward for me if I will contact them on call.

And can you tell some things I need to work on and some softwares for me by your knowledge which you know by your experience. Thank You :)

I suggest you look at pages from IC makers or makers of programmable devices.  One such company with rich material to help you with embedded designs and programming skills needed is Analog Devices, Inc.  Epigon is an developing agent for ADI, I think.

Above is listing of manuals for some micro-processors that are famous by ADI.

The above is their blackfin processor manual which is quite comprehensive about its specifications and design guidelines.

JK, or Jayakamura is best person to contact with.  He is very verbal.

RJ is also nice person to talk to on your mission.

Best wishes.  

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