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What are the resistance values suppose to be for a internal resistor of a thermistor rated at 2.7 K ohms?.

It would depend on the design of that particular part; see below. If you have the manufacturers part number you can usually download the specifications and resistance curves for it.

I welcome you to google for thermistor specifications and read through some of the literature.

For an example to look at resistance vs temperature curves please refer to the following link.


The above is just one example.

Keep in mind there are NTC and PTC versions.  NTC means Negative Temperature Change and PTC means Positive Temperature Change.  So, they are available for applications where you need higher resistance as temperature rises; or with lower resistance as temperature rises.

For tolerance at reference temperature, usually 25 degrees C, they are available with tolerances of 10% to as accurate as O.1%.

NTC thermistors:

PTC thermistors:

Hope this helps.  But, let me know if you have an applications oriented need or circuit design guidance.  

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