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Apparently, a.c is an electric current that changes its direction periodically.how can I know this practically without oscilloscope? again, I have studied a.c theoretically. where get can I get practicals to deepen my understanding?

There are several tutorial level basic electrical and electronic theory lessons online.  Let me suggest a few for you to look at:


The link above is a very good one. It will take you from basic dc to ac and simple circuit analysis in about 30 minutes of reading time.

The next one is more advanced but very good - thru basic dc circuits; a prerequisite for ac circuits.


Next is a little more advanced presentation on ac waveform theory but very good:


Next is a good one on basic ac and comparison between ac and dc generation and simple circuit analysis:


Also, there numerous youtube video clips on various aspects of electricity and electronic principles at the tutorial level. You can google or bing for them.

Best wishes.  

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