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Dear Prof Cleggsan

The Electronic Ticketing machine is used for issuing Bus tickets to passengers

Do you feel It can be enhanced to have push buttons Triggered by Bus conductor to raise a Bell ring which will inform the driver to stop or start the Bus?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I suppose you are just asking for an opinion.
It seems that you are interested to know if such a feature has value and the value of it is greater than the obstacles presented by using such a device.

Value:  Help bus rider to know his ticket is properly registered.  Gives attention to the bus driver that passenger has properly paid the fair.  Can be used for emergency alerting of the driver when some kind of trouble occurs with payment or vandalism.

Negative Value: Cost of adding the button.  Cost of equipment maintenance.  False indication.  Pranksters depressing button improperly.  Distraction to the driver thereby increasing safety related incidents.

That's it for now.  

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