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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to reenginer a Drill machine which will be able to Drill multiple points at the same time on wood or metal keeping the same precision?.

Can we Design Chucks which will allow to attach multiple Drill bits at different Angles?.


This is an automation engineering question, I suppose.

Yes, you can get precision drilling with multiple drilling and it is commonly done in factory environments where a series of holes are required and the economy of drilling several at at time cuts down on fabrication time and maintains quality control on location, hole size, etc.

But, I have never seen drilling at different angles among multiple drill assemblies. It may be a better solution to drill one at a time with a computer controlled drilling head that can precisely drill each hole at the required angle under the control of a computer driven drilling machine (numeric control has been used for many years in fabrication plants; my own personal experience is with making of tractor parts at Caterpillar company in USA).

Automation devices can handle the different drilling angles precisely and quickly but one at a time, I think.  

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