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Electrical Engineering/Lcd panel display for Bus stops.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Do you recommend to have Lcd panel display for Bus stops displaying Bus numbers and Destinations?.


Yes, I do recommend them since they are quite already in usage around the world.

The URL above deals mostly with sign/displays built into the bus above the drivers seat which is a rolling device and controlled to show the right information as it is approaching the bus stop.  I refer to the section of the page electronic displays near the bottom of this URL page.

Below, please refer to the images of various electronic signs, including lcd, from around the world; a picture is worth a thousand words, so says an ancient Chinese Proverb:

It is surprising that India, your home country, does not already have such displays in use.

Let me refer you to an interesting chart for distribution of transportation data.  Pleae go to page 13 where figure 5 will be shown in the following lengthy report:

Let me know if you have further thoughts or questions.


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