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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can you suggest some enhancements in a Modern Fire Brigade Design?.

Examples : Water storage capacity, Number of Ladders etc


ANSWER: This is not an area of my expertise.  My comments would be the improvement of communications between fire control staffs and local police and municipal organizations.  Such modern communications equipment could offer greater efficiency in getting to the scene of a fire with the right equipment and with the best preparation to address the emergency.  It seems that many fire brigades are using very old technology and radio transceivers that are easily blocked by buildings, power lines, etc.  Newer technology can provide more reliable transmissions; digital channels can give maps, gps information, update from other police and emergency units, etc.

Maybe some ideas can come from these items above.

Hope this will help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


Can there be also enhancements in a Modern Fire Brigade Design from architecture point of view?.


Emergency generator for power of the brigade station:

Reinforced walls for tornado protection and longer overhang of roof design to enhance heating and electricity usages:

I have no personal recommendations but the above are from a google search that I conducted on the subject of enhanced architectural designs.

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