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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is the input gas source to the CNG dispenser machine is a underground cng gas pipeline Or from Truck filled with CNG gas Or it can Accept both gas sources at the fuel stations?.


I know little about this field so I will give my opinion only!

Mostly CNG are tanks in vehicles or stationery equipments.  The refill operation usually requires a nearby storage tank with supply sufficient to meet the needs of the users.  A standard quick connect line is connected to the CNG tank for refill.

The storage supply tank can be above ground or under ground.  Some municipal or government organizations require under ground filling stations for safety.

For gas company lines that are fed underground from place to place requires a conversion to natural gas and it takes a different connection piece.

A truck can be a mobile CNG supply tank that would also use the same connections.

Types of liquid fuels:


Types of quick connect fittings used for liquid fuels:


That's about all I can muster up for you on this one.  Hope it helps.


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