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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Which will be a better Choice for video Recording?.  Digital Camera or Camcorder?.

Will there be combo products available for video Recording, video playback and still images capture?.


I see it as a very hard question to answer.  See the following URL:


The above link highlights the differences and points out the users preferences may dictate the best choice.  The camcorder may be the best choice where the principle use is for filming but for stills shooting maybe the camera is best choice. There are, also, in the market true hybrid camera/camcorders which are best for all recording but they are expensive.

It turns out that some of the new smartphones are very good at both!

Panasonic, JVC, Sony and others make hybrid units at a cost of under $1000 USD to much over.

These products are rapidly evolving into more powerful and feature rich products as new models are coming out all the time.  

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