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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Do you suggest to have cybercafes Inside airports - Local and International in all countries?.


This is not an electrical engineering question so I presume you wish an independent opinion.

In my opinion it makes no sense to establish cybercafes in airports of the top industrial nations.  Why?  Because most travelers carry with them smartphones or tablets that can connect to WiFi or data downloading services and would not pay for the service.

It may be more sensible in locations where the business customer needs a place to connect his laptop PC or for those who carry no terminal or device with them but want to check their emails or other matters online.  But even in the underdeveloped nations more and more passengers are carrying a device of some sort that will connect.

If I were a businessman I would think twice about opening a cybercafe; the future does not look promising as an investment.

Hope this helps.  

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