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Hello Sir, I was studying Electronic Circuits and Devices, I want to Know the applications that use 100 Hz Frequency.. What are they and by which operation?
Hope I'll get the answer by Basics..

Here is one example:


An anemometer is used in weather research.

Some Flat Screen television sets use a screen refresh rate of 100Hz. See below for example.



The link above is a horn type loudspeaker system that operates from 100Hz upwards.

For many countries throughout the world that operate on 50Hz power systems the first harmonic is 100Hz therefore requiring a ripple filter in the dc supplies capable of eliminating the 100Hz harmonic ripple from the dc supply components.  This is important in power supply design.

I don't know if these examples help but if you need more just send me a follow up question with more detail about your application area.

Have a nice day.  

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