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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Are there Escalator Limitations regarding it is not recommended above a certain height for Security reasons?.


ANSWER: Not that I know of.  Limitations are probably engineering related.  Soil conditions, water in the lower levels may hinder the construction of the infrastructure to support the motors and foundation, etc.

I think the longest escalators in the USA are used in the Washington DC train system where the escalator rises about equivalent to 4 stories!  It goes about 230 ft.


Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


Do you recommend to Construct a Escalator of any height if there are no Limitations?.


Maximum height is, I think, mostly an engineering decision.  Taking into consideration of how far, angle of inclination, soil conditions, moisture and water table for stability of earth over time, power line construction, motor locations, gear and chain drive system, mid space platform, etc., etc.

There are physical limitations that are the overwhelming matters of concern.

Safety is always an issue, as well.  The question of how to clear a crowd of people in an emergency is of deep concern, but it is an engineering matter more than legal restrictions, keeping in mind that all such conveyances need to obtain certificate of operation from building authorities of city or state agencies.

The limitations, I think, are from good judgement made by engineering design team in conjunction with funding authorities.

My opinion only.  

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