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Dear Prof Cleggsan

The Current fastest Desktop CPU processor is running at 4.4GHZ clock speed.

Is it possible to design fastest Desktop CPU in future which will run thrice or twice the Current fastest clock speed of 4.4 GHZ?.


I really don't know and I am not sure anyone knows - for sure.

According to Moore's law, which is still marching onward, it would be possible. It would require great improvements in the spacing and size of the elements and pathways of the chip.

However, clock speed is not the only factor in determining computational speed.  There are many other considerations that need to be considered such as support for various applications that are required for implementation in types of pcs, such as game support, scientific computations, word processor support, etc.

Heat dissipation is always a problem in higher speed cpus because the higher clock speed uses more current and hence heat level goes up.

It is a complex matter.  But, Moore's law has not failed yet.

Good question.

A review of cpu design considerations:  

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