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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to display Bus stops names on LCD panel in a moving Bus?.


ANSWER: In Japan they do; in NYC they do; in London they do.

I think it is commonplace in many places throughout the world.  Some are automated but the older bus system requires the bus driver or co-driver to operate the display changes.

Many of the bus systems are still using older LED or back lit solid material signs, I think.

Answer is yes.

But, I haven't been to India so don't know what you have in your country.

Have a nice day.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

My query was is it possible to display Bus stops names in a moving Bus on a Lcd display panel Inside the Bus.


As examples Sebastian Park, Trentbridge, Mark College... are the Bus stops names where Bus halts for the passengers to board or leave the Bus?

From previous answer, answer is yes.

Technology is no problem; installation is no problem; application is no problem.

Since bus routing is long established preloading of the names of the stop/platforms can be easily made and rotation of the signage as the bus progresses from point to point is easily accomplished.

Here is interesting application for charter bus instruction/entertainment LCD for the benefit of passengers:


If you keep watching it you can see gps for guidance of the bus and listing of future locations and schedule, etc.  This is for the passenger and bus driver but can also be for front window for benefit of future passengers waiting at stop/station.

There are many combinations of LCD panels and automatic signage informations.

Have z nice day.  

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