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Electrical Engineering/Lift or Escalator for Metrorails.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Which will be a better Choice for Metrorail?.  Is it Lift or Escalator?.


Sorry, I have no opinion on this matter.

Some of the considerations might be: Space requirements, cost, safety whilst handling large crowds, reliability and maintenance (escalators are known to have breakdowns of the driving system which operates the moving staircase) and emergency requirements (some municipal rulings require auxiliary staircase along side the escalator or elevator in cases where they breakdown; or at least two systems such that one will work when the other breaks down or needs maintenance.

Probably each rail station needs its own survey of pluses and minuses. Just my thinking. The frequency of train stops, capacity of train seating, number of cars will dictate throughput of system requirements.  Also, vertical distance from platform to exit area will have big impact on which lifting arrangement is most suitable.

Advantage of escalator is it is always moving.  Disadvantage of lift is passengers must wait until lift car returns.

Those are some of my personal ideas and comments; coming from an engineer, not a public transportation expert!

Hope this helps.  

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