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Electrical Engineering/Stencils for different languages.


QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can we Design and Construct Stencils for different languages?.

Examples - French, German, Spanish, Italian etc

Can they be useful for architects and draughtsman?.


ANSWER: Already you can find solutions for this operation:

Software solution and rendering:

Switch between Latin-based languages such as English, Spanish, French:

Answer is Yes. It is available in various forms/methods if you look around the Internet.  They can be useful for architects and electronic drafting since it is mostly graphic in nature which is readily available by commercial companies specializing in this process.


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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


Can we Design and Construct Hardware Stencil similar to a compass
box, scale, protractor?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Don't know why not?  Yes, I think you can find nearly any configuration you would want.  And with advanced software packages like CAD/CAM drawing software you can create your own designs.

Hope this helps.  

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