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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can we Design tunnels without a circular shape?.

Examples - Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Kite, Rhombus etc?.


It's not an electrical engineering question but I'll take a look at it.

It may be instructive to take a look at the wiki page on tunnels found at:


In this link it shows examples of many configurations used in roadways, waterways, trains and railroads.  The bottom half of the wiki page lists various shapes and special designs such as those created by unique person or engineering firm for specific uses.

There are other shapes to consider if you merely google the word "tunnels" and it will bring up a series of images showing various shapes and sizes, some of which are in the category you mentioned in your question.

And if you go here:  http://www.slideshare.net/AkshayKoshiya/shapes-of-tunnel

you will find a 17 page slide show with photos of various shaped tunnels and their uses.

Hoping this will guide you further.

If you have a specific challenge in mind I can research further for you as necessary.

Have a blessed day in India.  

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