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Sorry, I don't know to which category I should submit my question.

What would a date on an SUM-3 AA R6 1.5V battery mean ? I have such a battery with date 12-2012. It has been lying in my drawer for a long time and has never been used. It looks fine and is not leaking. Is it safe to use it now ?

Yes, the battery is safe as you describe it.

However, due to its age it is likely there is little charge left in it and you might find that it will not operate whatever you install it into.

If you have a voltmeter you could easily find out if their is any voltage available; on the other hand, just use it and see if it works good.  If not, just discard it and use a new one.  They are not expensive.

Let me know if you have more questions.

PS: The date is its expiry date and your battery was not guaranteed to have useful life past Dec 2012.  

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