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Electrical Engineering/Electronic Security Lock for Aeroplane Ignition.


QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to provide Electronic Security Lock for Aeroplane Ignition system startup with a password?.


ANSWER: Oh, sure it is possible.

I don't see the need for it, however. And, PW employment may have downfalls that are more severe than not having it. For example, since airplanes are very expensive they are usually stored in commercial hangers or other facilities with security protection.  The planes have all kinds of other secure features such as lock and key for doors and ignition systems.  They also have sophisticated operational requirements making theft very difficult except for one who knows the model of the plane.

So, I see a password system as quite redundant and maybe unnecessary.

Maybe a key button on the door which requires a code to be punched in to open the main pilot door would be helpful.  I'd have to think about that, too.  

That is about all I can say for now.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


Is it also possible to provide Electronic Security Lock with strong password for Helicopters?.


Yes, it is not a question of technology, but rather if it provides a needed solution.  There  are other safety and security measures for this type of aircraft.  They being very expensive already have secure systems built in.  I think various manufacturers have different solutions but there is no special security needs that I know of.

There are mechanical locking devices made especially for helicopter use.  They are placed on hand controls or foot pedals making impossible for theft flyer to operate the aircraft..  Their removal are accomplished with a physical keyway.  

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