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Electrical Engineering/Integrated Wall Electronic Digital Calendar and Clock product.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Do you feel that it is possible to design and Construct a integrated Digital Calendar and Clock product which can be fixed to the Wall?.

Its a combined product which will display the Day, month, Year on the Calendar as well as the time on the clock.

The Calendar can be viewed for all years manually with push buttons.

Do you feel that a Remote control device designed can also be useful for operating the Calendar?.


Yes. All of the items you mentioned are already in the market place. Maybe not exactly as you have described but in general encompassing the variations showing that your proposal would be a simple modification of those already available for purchase in many parts of the world.

Further more, so many people throughout the world have these features built in to their smartphones and tablets which they carry with them.

And, many public places have similar time and day indicators showing on walls or displayed conspicuously in places trafficked by large crowds of people.  

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