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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to provide Electronic lock
for steering wheel in four Wheelers with a password ?.

Can it enhanced Security in the vehicle from thefts?.



The above system is a password protected locking system that can be used on any automobile or truck. It mounts on the steering wheel preventing the vehicle from being driven until the locking bar is removed from the steering wheel.  These types of steering wheel locks have been very fool proof for several years.

There are other ways to apply a password protection as well.

Most automobile manufacturers use a mechanical locking system which is built into the steering system. The locking is done automatically when the vehicle is parked and the ignition key or electronic system is removed.  Hence, it leaves the vehicle securely  locked when vehicle is vacated.

The password is another entry obstacle for the vehicle driver and it is not a user friendly idea in my opinion.  What happens when the vehicle is left for another person, relative, garage attendant or parking agent who needs to drive the vehicle and they don't know the password?

It seems to me a password system may be an obstacle in many ways to convenient operation of the vehicle.  

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