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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

After a Electronic component is manufactured, what is the printing Technology which displays the name on the component?.

Can there be innovation in this Technology?.


ANSWER: It depends upon the component material, shape and surface conditions such as space curvature, etc.  But the process is not unlike that of canned food goods for the supermarket.

There are different kinds of printing and labeling technologies but they are old, tested, tried and very reliable for the most part since the manufacturer wants to be able to identify his component, as opposed to a competitors look alike, for a long period of time.

The marking process must not cause deterioration of the product and be easy enough to read when installed in the field.

In electronics and electrical fields there is always room for innovation but this field is not very ripe; further, the printing and marking technologies used are pretty much by other industries and utilized by the various manufacturers of  identification marking products.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


Is color printing, labelling and marking possible on the Electronic components manufactured names?.


Yes, all colors are used, especially with small parts like a resistor with color bands around a cylindrical small device.

Yes, very possible and used in all kinds of electrical and electronic components.  Size and space to put the printing and marks is always a problem to be solved.

Printed circuit boards sometimes have several markings on them for each section of the circuitry.  

And, there are many informations that may be included in the markings such as serial numbers, manufacturers name, address, phone, where to obtain service, model number, date code, etc.  

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