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Electrical Engineering/Integrated Pocket Transistor and Power Bank Product.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it feasible to design and manufacture a single integrated product which combines the features of Pocket transistor - AM and FM channels audio reciever and Power Bank which provides DC power?.

Will there be demand for this product for consumers in the market?.


Yes, but it is not a good match of power needs.

ONE: The power bank if much larger and more battery power than a radio.

TWO: Pocket radio needs only 1 AAA cell to run the radio for several hours.

THREE: The power bank, depending on the unit, is designed to charge smartphone.

FOUR: Smartphone uses much more energy than radio.  

FIVE:  Furthermore, many smartphones have radio built in and user does not need portable radio.

So, it is not a great idea in my view.  

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