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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to design noiseless irrigation water pumps running on Electricity or Gasoline ?.


Probably not possible to make a totally noiseless pump because the motions from the motor and water will always be present.  You could build a sound insulating housing around the pump station to lower the noise a great deal.

Now, it turns out that many irrigation systems rely on water from down under the ground for ground water. In these cases the pump used are submersible units that get buried several feet down a shaft in the ground. In these cases the noise coming from the pump are barely audible.

All that being said, there are low noise pumps that are available commercially that will help in the lowering of the total noise emanated from a pumping station but still there is some noise to contend with.  You can search alibaba.com for examples of low noise irrigation pumps.

Of course, a gasoline pump would have the noise from a gasoline engine unless engine were off premise or a distance away from the pumping station.

Let me know more, surely there are more to this question that you did not ask.

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