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Sir ,in the given picture what would be the complete path of current,mean the path shown is correct or not?
or if it is reverse of given path for given diagram, it will start from base to emitter,but then what happen when it'll reach the negative terminal of vcc. .will it not repel,because in npn there is a flow of electronic current?
the one diagram is in book showing the current in opposite direction for same npn,the other in pdf of that book,the picture is given

The circuit you show is using the electron flow convention which is no longer popular in engineering.  Rather, we show current going from the plus terminal through the external circuit and back to the negative terminal of the battery source.

Therefore, to an experienced electronics engineer the current arrows in your diagram are reverse of what they should be.  In the world of physics electron flow is very slow whereas current flow out the positive terminal is very swift and that is why we don't use electron flow diagrams any more in the engineering world.

Hope this is not confusing to you.

Let me know if you need more.  

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