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QUESTION: In which instances / fields or professions is very important to protect something from the contact with oxygen, water or other substances (e.g.gases, various smells, oil or greases, solvents, etc.)?

Thank you very much!

ANSWER: Your question is too broad. Can you be more specific?

Are you looking for air and water purification products? Or rust prevention coatings? Or, maybe you are looking for odor detection methods?

Let me know further.

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QUESTION: I am trying to find out other not-that-common application fields for barrier films.
I know that the coatings are already used inside some pipes to protect them from corrosion but I was wondering where else could be a similar need and where barrier films are not yet used.

Thank you very much for your time and for your reply.


I'm not expert in barrier films and surface coatings. You can find an informative wiki page by googling your subject.

It's a broad and highly technical field so you may need to consult with coating and film experts.

At the materials level you will need to discuss with physisits and chemists.

Wishing you best.  Cheers.  

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