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Electrical Engineering/Digital IC Testing Facility in Digital Multimeter.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Do you feel Digital IC Testing Facility can be integrated in Digital Multimeter?.


Well, there are many different families of IC chips;  analog, digital, opamps, linear amplifiers, memory chips, etc. etc. This makes it impossible to make a simple testing device that can test all kinds.

The pin configuration varies greatly and running tests often involves many kinds of voltages and digital processing analysis.

Therefore, it does not seem the digital MM is not suited for IC testing other than simple voltage  and current parameters at the various pinouts.

However, for troubleshooting a device which contains and IC chip in the circuit the MM is a very handy device and is suited well to do in-circuit testing of voltages and output signals.  For this function they can be used without any special modifications.

Hope this will help your research.  

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