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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can Gallium Arsenide replace Silicon, Germanium and Carbon as semiconductors in the future?.


I think not any time soon.  Silicon is so heavily employed and the physics is so well understood that it will take some time for it to be 'replaced' as the main line material for semiconductor usage.

That being said, there is much research and testing going on among research laboratories for use of alternate materials having unique or superior performances in the new kinds of applications.

Communications devices at high frequencies and low power consumption are being needed for future products such as smartphones, servers and portable devices.

It is a subject far beyond the simple question you ask.  There are many technical papers being written and published throughout the world and I do not track them because of the technical complexity to track and summarize.  


The technology related to semiconductors is outside of my expertise. If you need more I recommend you consult and expert in the physics of semiconductor development and research.  

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