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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Do all the features of Galvanometer, Voltmeter and Ammeter are integrated in Digital Multimeter?.

In case yes,Are these above instruments still required?.


Both AC and DC measurements are included in the modern, conventional VOM (Voltage Ohm Meter).

For most applications voltage, current and resistance (Ohms) are needed. However, there are dedicated meters that provide only one parameter, such as voltage or current.  It really depends on the user application.  Instrumentation is a very broad field and the modern microprocessor and software functions have made for many, many universal as well as dedicated testing functionalities.

Only galvanometer features are rare to find and generally an electrical machine lab or a student DC lab will need a galvanometer function.  

See the link below to get an idea of the wide range of simple meters available publicly on Amazon:

Hoping this will be useful to you.  

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