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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it technically feasible to reengineer the typewriter device by supporting all colours printed on the paper.


Hello word.

The characters H,e,l,l,o to be printed in red color. The Typewritter selects the red color before striking the above characters.


ANSWER: Are you thinking of the electro-mechanical typewriter?   I doubt it is possible.  There are many that would do all in one color by changing the ribbon on the machine.

HOWEVER:  The typewriter has been essentially replaced with the printer.  There are many easy ways to obtain different color for each letter of  a word when using a printer and word processing program.

Here in the USA and to some extent in the developed countries of the world the typewriter is virtually out of use.  

There is one exception to the above sentiment.  One manufacturer, there may be others, who have a USB connection which allows a word processor to drive the typewriter print functionality.  It can work different colors but human changing is needed. You can find it on Amazon.

Hope this will assist you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


1 Can Embedded software build within the Typewriter device help in this regard?.

2 The color Keys striked have color ink pens.I.e. Red,Blue,Green etc are new keys constructed on the Typewriter.


H key combination with Red color pen key striked to print the character H in Red color.

Can this be possible?.


In a typewriter the keys donot have the color. The key strikes the ribbon which transfers ink to the paper. The ribbon is usually just one color. All keystrokes have the same color.

What you are describing is easily accomplished with printer and software. With color printer the colored ink is contained within the printhead.

Hope the distinction between a typewriter and color printer is clear to you.  

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