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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can we share fax machine as a networking device?
If yes,Can there be benefits?


ANSWER: Not clear what the question is.  There are so many fax methods and purposes.  But here, below, is a fax discussion on the subject and instructions on linking a fax machine into a small network that might be helpful to you:

So sharing in a limited way is possible.  Is it beneficial?  For small low cost networks it may be useful but there are so many software driven solutions for fax sending, receiving, printing and storing that it may be a limited question you are asking.

Please clarify where you are going with the idea so it can be researched more deeply, if you desire.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


Since the fax machine is shared on the network, faxing commands can be initiated from remote machines,not necessary from the local machine where it is connected to a computer by USB interface. That was my idea.


But with software fax on pc or intelligent terminal you can access the fax commands any way one wishes.

But with hardware fax it would not be so easy to do the command by remote access except some of the newer fax machines that have USB interface it is possible to connect with other means.

The newer connectable faxes interface with the host pc offering many such features.

But, the fax is not shared on the network in the strictest sense but the fax codes are manipulated in software to bring about communication of the data and the commands.  Even with the USB connection, still software for fax communication must be applied.  When one purchases a fax machine with usb or any other connection a software source comes with that machine usually on a cd or downloaded from online sources.  The fax communication commands and codes are very old and have stayed the same for years in order to preserve compatibility across many kinds of fax products.

Hope this helps.

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