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I would like to have an amplified piezo that goes to a capacitor that would run three sets of lights for 20 minutes after the capacitor is full, without further movement.  The 3 inch strip of chip led's would be white with a red next to it, and another separate 3 inch red one.  The red would run all the time except for when a button would be pushed to make it flash.  The white and red would have the white run all the time, except for when the red one next to it flashed at the same time the lone red one flashed.  What would I have to do to make this whole thing work?  What would I have to calculate and find for hardware?

It is not clear what you are talking about!  

Please explain further so I can dig into your request more deeply:

What do you mean by "amplified piezo"?  A piezo crystal is a form of capacitor which when twisted or squeezed will produce a voltage OR visa versa when voltage is applied it will change shape.

What do you mean by "run three sets of lights for 20 minutes"?  The lights must be powered from somewhere but a capacitor of practical size cannot supply that much charge energy.

Are you sure  you just don't need a light switching box that can be programmed to run the lights in the order you wish?

Below is an idea for you to think about.  Using a 555 timer chip it can be easily configured to drive a relay switch to them turn on and off the LED lamps as needed for your application.  You can google and find such off the shelf kits to use.

Let me know more.  

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