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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to connect External speakers to LCD TV using HDMI connector?


ANSWER: No, not directly as HDMI does not carry audio power.

To connect you must add audio power amplifier between the output of the HDMI tv connector and the HDMI input on the amplifier.  This will allow the tv to feed the speaker.  In some tv sets you can switch between internal and external audio power to the speaker but in that case you would use the speaker terminals on the tv and not the HDMI connector to feed the speakers.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


Do you feel they should have
given a audio out connector on the LCD TV
to connect directly to the external speakers as there will be cost overhead
for the audio power amplifier

Is it technically feasible as I mentioned above?


HDMI technology does not carry audio power.  HDMI is used only for signal level connections.

As mentioned some tv sets do have external audio power connections but mostly now days they do not. Why? Because external audio is mostly for surround sound and the tv has optical or digital output connection which feeds the surround sound system for 5.1 or 7.1 playback systems.  The digital surround sound feed cable is not compatible with HDMI system.

Many set manufacturers now days do not even add analog audio connections in which cases the owner must purchase sound reproduction amp/speakers that have digital cable connections.

It's how they are doing it now days.

PS:  There are technical reasons for not including power audio in the HDMI line mostly because of electrical crossover feed and too many wires.  If you are feeding two or more speakers the cabling design for HDMI are out of the question electrically speaking. And don't forget, HDMI is for all digital signal passage whereas speakers require analog audio power level signal strength which is incompatible with digital signal requirements.  

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