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Electrical Engineering/What is the difference between mercury vapor lamp and metal halide lamp?


I want a lamp, but What is the difference between mercury vapor lamp and metal halide lamp?

The metal halide lamp have mercury? How much as compared to mercury vapor lamp?

And, why mercury vapor when turned on, make purple color?

I shall answer the last question first:

And on the above link go down to the operations section which explains that when the lamp is first turned on the gas pressure takes some time to build up and during the charge up time the lamp emits a dark blue light wave.

The main question is big and long because there are so many angles to the differences and similarities and operational aspects of the lamps and their chemistry/physics.  Further some standardized lamps are self-starting and others are ballast driven.  Therefore, I am going to give you some readings that will answer your question to a great degree.  You may have to sort through the readings to find what you are looking for.  Then if you have further questions just let me know in a follow-up.

Hope this helps you zero in on your interest.  

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