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Can Light
Hi there,

I have a 3 way switch that is currently controlling 4 recessed lights in my living room.  I want to run an additional fixture off of one of the can lights so that I can put a chandelier over my dining table.

The chandelier space is about 2 ft from the light I want to run off of it.

I have a picture of the light, the recessed portion of the lighting, and the information on the inside of the fixture attached.

If it matters the light fixture that I want to add is from zgallerie and is sku# 022055433

Ok, so, what I'm thinking of doing is pushing the can fixture up out of the way and running wires off of it and over to where I want to put the chandelier.  I was hoping to make a small hole in the ceiling for the chandelier, and put a stableizing rod into the hole to support the small weight of the chandelier.  

Does this look like it is doable, and would this be the reccomended way to do it?  If so, can you help me out as to how to run a wire off of the can light?  Maybe point me to instructions on doing such a thing?

I've never done electric work other than switching out wall sockets, and light fixtures.

I appreciate any advice I can get.


you are on the right track.  you will see some small screws on the upper portion of the can and you can remove that part to get to the junction box with the house wires.  you do not want to tie on to the small lamp wires.  from there you can fish the wires to the location of the chandelier.  if the chandelier is a bit heavy, you use a fan box installation kit that has a brace that goes between the studs.  from there you install the fixture.  good luck
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