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gWhat could cause the the voltage to drop on one leg coming in and spike on the other leg.  The voltage is 125 on both legs until I plug in the refrigerator or toaster it then goes to 70 on one leg and 160 to 190 on the other leg.  I have checked every neutral and traced every wire from the panel up and thru the atic. I found no opens or grounded or shorted wires. The lights will also get very dim in some rooms and very bright in other rooms according to what leg the breaker is on. It also caused a tv to literally burn up and melted the tv cable on the outside of the house.  Makes no sense cable tv is low voltage and is not connected to the house voltage.  I would appreciate any advice at all thanks

As I read this my first instinct was the two incoming lines had rubbed together and were making a slight connection somewhere, which would be on the electrical utility. As I read further, with the cable problem, I still think the incoming electrical lines are somewhat damaged but also the cable line which ususally follows the electrical lines is also making a connection with the incomingn lines. I would call the electrical utility first and tell them you are having a mix of low voltage on one line and high on the other so they can test the incoming lines. If the cable line is part of the problem they will either notify you or call the cable company themselves. Let me know what is found if you would. Thanks J

I failed to mention if either utility has a problem, they could be liable for replacement of the TV or any other damaged device or appliance, it will not hurt to ask. Thanks J
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