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Electrical Wiring in the Home/2 broken TV's since I tinkered with the circuit


I added a new receptacle and a light switch to control it to an existing circuit. This circuit has the TV on it. The only thing plugged into the new outlet is a lamp with a 7.5w light bulb. After everything was done, I tested the outlet with one of those things you plug in that has three lights, not a multimeter. It showed that everything was good.
I put everything away, came upstairs, and was sitting at the computer when I heard a pop. I thought it was a something that fell over downstairs. I went and checked but everything was ok. When I came back upstairs there was a funny smell coming from the TV, which had been off the whole time. I tried to turn the TV on but only got the green light on the bottom. I checked the fuse inside the TV and it is fine.
I figured that the TV had gone bad and planned on getting a new one. In the mean time I replaced the outlet that the TV was plugged into and got a new surge protector.
Tonight we came home with a new TV, plugged it in, and had it on for about 3 minutes when we heard another pop and the TV went out.  Now it won't turn on just like the other one.
I checked the neutral and ground lines with a multimeter and got a reading of 3.5v on the outlet the TV was in. The new outlet I added also showed 3.5.

My questions are:
Is the problem the 3.5v on the ground wire frying the TV?
Did I do something wrong on the new outlet that is messing up the TV?

-The TV's were both plugged into surge protectors with the Playstation and Directv box (they still work fine).
-I plugged in an old 27" tube TV and it didn't have any problems.
-The circuit is 15 amp that has 2 lamps and 4 simple ceiling lights on it besides the TV and new outlet.
-Everything worked since I moved in 4 years ago until I put in the new outlet and switch.
-I double checked the wiring in the new outlet and switch and they are fine.

My solution is to just remove what I added but would like to keep it if i could.

Thanks for the help, Adam.

Hi Adan,

This could be a simple coincidence. It is odd that the only thing damaged is the TV. The TV could be the most sensitive device you have. I think you need to call in an electrician to look over this. You could have a problem with the voltage on the neutral. It would make sense to have that checked out before you go through any more TVs.  
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