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I have recently bought a cabin in Georgia that came with a stove but not the electrical cord. I bought a used cord, 4 prong, and hooked it up as I thought it should be (red on red, black on black, white on white, and the ground right above the white and seems connected to the white via a copper connection. When I plug it into the 4 prong receptacle, it trips one of the two breakers even before I turn on the stove. As a result, the stove gives only a warm heat, ditto the oven.

What am I doing wrong? Can it be that the used wire I purchased is faulty?

It could be that the cord is faulty, the oven has a short, the outlet has a short, or the wiring is not conventional.

Typically; Red and Black are hot, white is neutral, and copper/green is ground.

You need to verify this with a voltmeter.

To check the cord you will need an ohm meter.

If you have a digital multimeter you can perform both checks.

At the oven, (with the cord unplugged) you will want to check ohms between black to neutral/ground, and red to neutral/ground.  
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