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QUESTION: I live in SE PA, and have at least 20 power failures a year, some which destroy my electronic devices and appliances.
If I get a whole house surge protector installed, I know I still have to have surge protectors inside for secondary protection.

My question is, once the whole house suppressor works (and I assume it destroys itself in order to work, like regular suppressors do), does the power to the house stay out until the whole house protector is replaced, or is there a way to bypass it until a new one is obtained?  Not sure of what happens after an incident where it is activated.

Are these protectors made so they can be reset, or must they be replaced every time they work?

Thanks in advance.


I would look for a surge protector form a company that has a sold guarantee. Check this link out. http://myhome.eaton.com/sites/default/files/EHO/MikeHolmesSurge.pdf When the protector goes bad you don't lose power you loose protection. The one in the link has a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty.

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1. Should the surge protector be installed as the first breaker in the panel from the main breaker, or can it be installed in any position and give the maximum protection?
2. Do they protect 220V lines also?
3. What kind of specs should I look for when shopping for one (joules rating, spike voltages, response times, etc.)?


1. Closer to the main breaker is typically consider better. Most Manufacturers do not specify the location.
2. Yes
3. I would be looking for a manufacturer with a trusted  guarantee. After all it's not the technical specs that you care about. It's the stuff in your house that you want protect. I would check to see what the surge protector is designed to protect buy what's covered in their guarantee. I was with their engineers and insurance agents figure out the specs And what they're willing to protect under their lose To surge damage policy.

The first link I sent you has a fairly good policy
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