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sauna wire box
sauna wire box  

heater wires
heater wires  
Mr. Hughes

I asked this question earlier;however, I shall ask again in order to attach the aaforementioned

jpgs. The heater has 5 wires coming from the bottom of the connection box . The connection box  

in the sauna has 6 wires. The sauna had a remote switch in addition to the timer and thermostat

IN the sauna. I do not have the remote switch.. Is this wire for the missing remote ?? Please advise.

#4 and #5 are the two heater wires, #2 and #3 are the "manual reset limit control" (high limit cut out), and it appears that #1 is the ground.  You can double check by testing the resistance of the #1 to the chassis. It would read zero if it is the ground.

But since they are both marked #1 it makes sense that they are both ground.

The mystery wire is the dotted line (on your wiring diagram) between the second contactor and the heater.

It appears to be for 3 phase, or what they are calling 2 phase.

You should not need it to be connected to anything. But it needs to be terminated with good insulation.

I am sending you a picture so it makes more sense.

The ground is not shown in the wiring diagram.
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