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In a new house I have three ARC Fault breakers that only trip when the dishwasher is running.  They trip randomly and not every time the dishwasher runs.  I have plugged the dishwasher into two other circuits of the house and the same Arc Fault breakers in the panel trip but the dishwasher is not plugged into any of these three circuits.  The three Arc Fault breakers do not trip when the dishwasher is not running.  The dishwasher is on a non Arc Fault circuit by itself and has been tried on other circuits.  The breaker that the dishwasher is on does not trip only these other three Arc Faults that are on different legs in the panel.  Thanks for your time.

You need to check your neutrals to make sure they are all tight. Even the neutral in the panel and the meter box.

Make sure the neutral of the dishwasher is not shared at all with the AFCI circuits.

Make sure all connections in the AFCI circuits are tight, even the ones at the breakers.

When it trips check to see if the AFCI is hot to the touch.

AFCI breakers can be a little temperamental because they are so sensitive so it can be difficult in determining if the dishwasher is really the culprit or not.

It could be that there is a little current leakage from the dishwasher that a normal breaker would allow, but an AFCI would catch and think there is an arching hazard.

If you just can't figure it out you might want to have an electrician come out and do some testing.

I know those breakers are expensive but sometimes they just need to be replaced.  
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