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Hi - I recently took down a ceiling fan that was over our dining room and of course did not take note of the wiring.I have 4 sets of 2 wire blk/wht/copper.I am trying to just install a lamp fixture in its place.My question is how do i install this correctly.I have found the line that is hot from the breaker with a meter.I then hooked these wires to the wires coming from the switch, or as i thought was coming from the switch ;blk to blk and wht to wht. Anyhow when i flipped the switch i got a small amount smoke from the light switch.I immediately turned the breaker off and got on this forum.How do i determine how to hookup all 4 sets of these wires with the new light fixture.

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The wire going to the switch gets connected differently.  The white wire to the switch is really a hot wire, so put a piece of black tape on it.  This connects to the black fixture wire.  All of the remaining whites connect together, and all of the remaining blacks connect together.

If you don't know which wire goes to the switch, use a continuity tester with the power off.  The wires that show continuity when the switch is on, but not when the switch is off is the cable going to the switch.
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