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hi Greg - The water pressure going into my home is 80lb! I want to add a pressure regulator where the city water enters the house, garage wall. I noticed that leaving the house it's copper tubing (the whole house is copper). There is a copper ground wire connected to the copper pipe there, also coming from the house. Then, the copper goes into galvanized steel pipe (via a union) to the city meter. I don't see a dialectric there between the copper and steel.

1. Shouldn't there be a dialectric to protect the pipes from corrosion? (Maybe this is a plumbing question :-)

2. If there is a dialectric, should I connect a heavy copper wire between the copper and steel pipe for grounding purposes?

Thanks for any help that you can offer!

I am surprised there is not already a pressure regulator on that line.

Yes, you should have a dielectric union.

Yes, you should jump across it with a heavy copper wire. Leave some play so you can keep the wire attached when taking the union apart.
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