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Hello, I have a home that was built in 1976. I was going to update my kitchen outlet circuit by installing a gfci outlet. However, when I opened up the outlet junction box, I found that the original wiring was 14-3 with the black (hot) wire coming the kitchen outlet circuit breaker. The red wire was also "hot" and coming from a separate "dishwasher" circuit breaker. The common white wire is shared. Is there any way to wire this so I can use a GFCI outlet without the dishwasher tripping it? I don't want to run new wire because it would be quite difficult. I'm also wondering if this was even legal to wire things this way back in 1976. Any thoughts. Thanks for your help.

You should run another circuit. The shared neutral will cause you problems with the GFCI.

The current codes call for 12/2 to the dishwasher, and 12/2 to the kitchen outlets. The outlets and dishwasher should not be on the same circuit, nor share the neutral.  
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