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Electrical Wiring in the Home/Livingroom and Kitchen electrical problem.


Hi there,
I have a problem that ive had to deal with for 7 years.
One day I came home and all electricity was out in my trailer house.
An electrician from our electric co. Came over and quickly discovered
That our main wire outside from the electricity poll to our home was burned in
Half! It had not been buried properly and the weather and ants ect destroyed it!
It was a miracle he ssid our trailer did not burn down. Long story short..
He fixed it replaced wire ect. Two days later all my kitchen and laundry room LIGHTS
Went out and my whole livingroom! No outlets  work or lights in the  livingroom.
Everyone thats looked at it and tested fixtures ect . Said they dont know what it is other than i need to re wire my whole livingroom ect. They checked breaker box ect. Ive lived off running an extension cord to a lamp for some light in my livingroom at night for my family to see.  Its been this way for 7 yrs now and i can afford to re wire everything like that. ANY advice will be greatly appreciated. Its a 1995 galaxy 694 manufactured by American homestar of Lancaster. 16 ft by 80 ft.

I sent a note to American Homestar:
To whom it may concern
I received the following inquiry from a party who owns one of your homes.
The issue at hand is obviously unrelated to the failure of the electrical service feed conductor. It is most likely a failed splice or a bad connection at a device. It might even be a bad breaker.
I was wondering if you might be able to send me a pdf file of the wiring schematic for the unit in question so I might provide some guidance to the owner.
Thank you

Best regards

Robert Wilber
Electrical Services
142 Cambridge Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
PA Home Improvement Contractor Registration # PA057101
Philadelphia License # 3516 16765

I included your question. They may be able to provide guidance about the wiring practices used for your home. I will let you know if they respond.

Meanwhile, I have had to repair a number of electrical problems in modular buildings. The solutions are the same as in a stick-built house.

Were the people you had come to look at your problem real electricians? ...or handymen?

As I said in my note to American Homestar, your wiring problem is almost absolutely unrelated to the cable failure. Personally, I would say that is the case without question.

Unless there is undiscovered damage to the wiring itself or a defect which suddenly manifested itself in a failure, your loss of power to several outlets and receptacles is the result of the failure of some component due to aging. Since the problem occurred when the unit was ten years old, I feel safe in saying that it was not a manufacturing defect.

The circuit breaker may have failed, but unless I miss my guess, you will find your problem at a device or fixture. It may even be at a device or fixture that is working properly. I suspect that you will find a receptacle with a wire pushed into a hole in the back speed-wire terminal of the device that has failed.

Anyone who says that you have to rewire your whole living room to fix the problem is, at best, not a competent electrician.

Send me your address, contact info and a floor plan of your home with the outlets and receptacle locations marked. Show the location of your electrical panel and indicate which outlets don't work. I will see what I can do to help.
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